As of Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Dr. Andrew Young will no longer be practicing with the University General Dentists team. Dr. Young has been a partner in our office for the past 8 years. Drs. Tim Williams and Lee Wilson will remain active in the practice and will be available for patients of Dr. Young.

“We’re thankful to have had Dr. Young in our practice and are excited for what the future holds for him. Patients who saw Dr. Young exclusively and/or routinely will have the option of transitioning to Dr. Williams or myself,” said Dr. Wilson, founder of University General Dentists.

Dr. Young will continue to practice and provide care at Knoxville Dental Center’s Hardin Valley location at 10509 Hardin Valley Road, Knoxville, TN 37932.

What to Expect

University General Dentists will still offer the same services and excellent care to which our patients are accustomed. Our current staff of hygienists and assistants will remain and continue to provide care for patients. We look forward to our ongoing relationships with current patients and forming relationships with new patients.

“We’re honored to have been chosen by our patients and humbled by the trust in our doctors and team members,” said Dr. Williams. “Please know, we are here to answer questions and promise to continue serving you to the best of our abilities.”

Looking to the Future

With two Knoxville, TN, locations—one in University of Tennessee Medical Center and the other in West Knoxville—the doctors and team members of University General Dentists are excited to provide you with optimal dental care and to offer choices when it comes to your dental health. Founded in 1998, University General Dentists is directly affiliated with the University of Tennessee Medical Center and offers a full range of services in treatments using the latest in dental technology. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at our UT Medical office at 865-305-9440 or our West Knoxville office at 865-500-5700.